Barcellos-Hoff Lab Postdocs and Scientists

Postdoctoral Scholars: 



Jade (Mims) Moore, Ph.D. 


Postdoctoral fellow 


  • Wake Forest University, Ph.D., 2017
  • Howard University, BS, 2011

Research Interests

Redox biology

Tumor microenvironment

Radiation and immunotherapy


Ines Guix Sauquet, M.D. 


Postdoctoral fellow 

My main interests are bioinformatics and clinical data science. I am a Medical Doctor by the University of Barcelona (2014) and specialized on Radiation Oncology at the Catalan Institute of Oncology (2019). Thanks to large-scale transcriptomic repositories, such as The Cancer Genome Atlas, I am currently working on uncovering new mechanisms that could potentially increase tumor cells sensitivity to radiation and genotoxic chemotherapy.



 Moloud Aflaki Sooreshjani, Ph.D. 






Postdoctoral fellow 


  • Purdue  University, Ph.D. in Chemical Biology, 2021
  • Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, M.S. in Medical Microbiology,  2010
  • University of Tehran, BS  in Molecular and Cell Biology-Microbiology, 2007                      

Research Interests




Visiting Scholars: 

Dimitrios (Jim) Gkantalis

Visiting scholar 


  • University of Hertfordshire, UK, BSc (Hons) Molecular Biology

Research Interests

  • TGFβ signaling
  • DNA damage response
  • Radiotherapy and space radiation







        Former Lab Members (UCSF): 

        Qi Liu (postdoc and research scientist)

        Lin Ma  (postdoc)

        Oliver Reiners (postdoc)

        Alba Gonzalez-Junca (postdoc)

        Luis Borrero-Garcia (postdoc)

        Yufei Zheng (visiting scholar)

        Genwen Chen  (visiting scholar) 

        Jingli Wang (research scientifst)